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Oxalic Acid Demonstration – Report

Murton. Sunday 18th January 2015 Host: Alan Johnston, assisted by Kate Wallace and John Fuller There was a good turnout on a cold morning with a covering of snow on the ground – ideal conditions for treating bees with oxalic acid for the reduction of varroa mites. Alan started off by explaining why it is necessary to treat bees at […]

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Some Helpful thoughts for busy urban beekeepers

Kindly shared by Michael Badger MBE 1. Your bee colonies will only swarm if they have a Queen present? They will not swarm without one … 2. Bee colonies must have their own.Drones present in the hive before they will swarm 3. Your Drones must be “marriage intent” … check by a simple test…The Drones must be seen to be […]

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