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Annual Honey Show Schedule

The Association’s annual honey show will be held at the Yorkshire Museum of Farming, Murton Schedule of classes Class 1. Honey light clear. Class 1a. Honey light clear. Novice. Class 2. Honey medium clear. Class 2a. Honey medium clear. Novice. Class 3. Honey dark clear. Class 3a. Honey dark clear. Novice. Class 4. Honey naturally set. Not stirred. Class 5. […]

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2016 Beginners Beekeeping Course Introduction

Hello, good evening and welcome!  The next eight weeks of presentations are designed to equip you with the knowledge you will need to successfully tend your bees through the summer months and just as importantly to provide them with all they need to survive the following winter. Each week covers an area of beekeeping in a sequential process that will […]

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