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Circular Placement of Nucleus Colonies Formed from One Parent Colony

By V A Cook. INTRODUCTION When nucleus colonies are formed in an apiary the bees have been prevented from returning to the hives from which they have been taken. For this reason, it is often recommended either that newly formed nucleus should be moved to another apiary, or that the hive entrances should be temporarily plugged with grass. Moving colonies […]

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Hive tools

Hive tools are one of the most essential items for a beekeeper. Many different designs, styles, materials and finishing. You use the tool to open the hive, lift the frames, scrape odd bits of wax and many other tasks when inspecting you bee hives. Check the video below for an overview of what they are and and how they are […]

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Beginners course notes – Week 7

Bee Anatomy, Plants, Pollination and Products The anatomy of the bee is totally unlike our own. The external limbs and feelers and their brood structure resemble something from Star Wars and indeed was an inspiration for some of the costume design! The body comprises 3 segments; the head, the thorax and the abdomen. The head contains the compound eyes on […]

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