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YDBKA Library Policy

York & District Bee Keepers Association:-  Library Policy, including loan Terms and Conditions

The library resources will be available to members only.

The library books and other items will be listed in the member’s only section of the YDBKA website. The library will be available to view and loan / return resources at both management committee meetings and members meetings held at Murton Agricultural Museum.

All members borrowing library materials and resources must agree to abide by the terms and conditions as stated in the current Library Policy (this document).

The Librarian will have the right to turn down requests for the loan of the library materials at his discretion, based on policy infringements and /or at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Loan Period – 31 days

Number of books / items on loan – a total of 3 items may be borrowed at a time. Requests for additional items in excess of three will be at the librarian’s discretion.

The member will sign for each item borrowed and will be responsible for the care of the item together with any fines due until the date the item is checked back in by the librarian.

Renewal – up to 3 times, each for 31 days, unless another member has reserved the book / resource. This gives a total of 93 days. Renewal or reservations may be made by telephone, e-mail or in person. In all cases renewals and returns must be to the Librarian or his representative. Returns may be in person at management committee meeting or at association members meetings held at Murton Agricultural Museum. Overdue book returns may be made outside these times by arrangement with the librarian. Information and contact details will be available on the YDBKA website and Combings newsletter.

Fines – Daily charge for overdue items 20p/day.

Lost or damaged resources – Full replacement cost plus 10% plus delivery charges. This will be based on whichever is the higher value of that recorded on the YDBKA library list OR the current replacement cost from an appropriate book supplier.  Any damaged items will remain the property of the YDBKA and should be returned to the librarian.

YDBKA Librarian

Email: library@yorkbeekeepers.com