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Apiary visit May 2019

We had a great Apiary Visit at Rob Coleman’s on Saturday 11th May – thank you, Rob!

For those of you who missed it, we covered a host of topics: the Dartington hive (and how to use it for a Pagden variation); different bee breeds; marking queens; the experience of inspecting ‘feisty’ bees; simple queen increase using an apidea, a queen cell and a handful of young bees……… the list goes on.

The final manipulation – how to avert a swarm using the Pagden method – was slightly derailed when the queen went into hiding, but all the box and frame movements could be demonstrated without her, so all was not lost. There are plenty of descriptions of this manoeuvre online and in the textbooks.

For those of you who were there, Rob has sent an update:

The red Queen was hiding between the two frames left in the box, so the brood box could be filled up with foundation, and the supers put back on the top. (This is the new hive which was placed in the spot previously occupied by the old hive). The flying bees will return to this hive.
The old hive, which was moved to a new position, has queen cells, frames of brood, and young bees. It has been given a feed of syrup. Hopefully a new queen will be produced and this hive can then either be managed as a new, independent colony or united with its original (or another) colony.

I hope I have explained this properly – Rob does it better!

The next Apiary Meeting is at Murton on 6th July.

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