We have a number of useful items for hire. These can be ordered, collected and returned from places in and around York. We do not keep them centrally. If you are a member and would like to hire out any of these items at a nominal fee. The Equipment Officer is Rob Coleman. To contact him, send an email to equipment@yorkbeekeepers.com

Items include:

  • Electric honey extractor 12 frame radial or 3 brood frame tangential
  • Manual honey extractors 3 frame
  • Powerful propane torch and propane bottle for scorching hives. The cost of hiring is £2 (plus gas cost at £2/kg for propane equipment)
  • Steam wax extractors.
  • We also have books and DVD’s available for loan. These are added to annually and our Librarian is happy to receive recommendations. To see our selection of books and DVD’s, come along to one of our meetings when the library is available. The list of books can be also found here.