So you want to learn to keep bees!

Do you

  • live in or around York or within driving distance?
  • do not mind turning out of an evening to classes?
  • want to get stuck in to the practical side of bee keeping?
  • have somewhere safe to keep bees (not essential)?
  • enjoy learning and working in a group?

If you answer yes to the above, then you are ready to read on!

Courses for beginners in Beekeeping 2022

All the information for the beginners course is available here.

Below, you can see Mike build a brood box. Apologies in advance for the sound!

Assessments for experienced beekeepers

After you have managed bees through your first year, a great way to extend your bee-keeping knowledge is to take the Basic Assessment. It is a practical/oral assessment designed to help you progress towards being a more skilled beekeeper. It costs only £15, a sum that will be reimbursed by the YDBKA after you have passed the assessment. The Association is able to offer free practical guidance to our members prior to the assessment from an experienced beekeeper. This is a hands on session and to avail yourself of it, please contact in the first instance. On completion of the assessment, you will be awarded a certificate and badge issued by BBKA in recognition of your progress.

Should you wish to take other examinations, either practical or theory, you must first have taken and passed the Basic Assessment. All the Modules have support from on-line tutors and encourage you to advance your beekeeping skills. This is definitely the best way to learn!

For more information, see, and download the basic syllabus at