Membership of The York & District Beekeepers Association is open to anyone with an interest in bees and honey – you do not have to actually keep bees to be able to participate.

The membership year runs from 1st October one year until 30th September the following year.

Some of the advantages of Membership are:


  • Advice and assistance when beginning to keep bees, including Classes in beekeeping for beginners and the more knowledgeable.
  • Library of books on beekeeping which are available on free loan
  • Beekeeping equipment available for loan at nominal rates— e.g. honey extractor, gas blow torch
  • Winter meetings with speakers covering a wide variety of beekeeping subjects
  • Free advice and hands-on help from experienced beekeepers
  • Outdoor meetings and demonstrations, and visits to members’ and other apiaries
  • Annual BBQ
  • Annual Honey Show hosted by YDBKA
  • Email updates for purchasing bee keeping equipment/supplies from other members or outsiders
  • Social and family events and visits to places of interest
  • Convivial company of fellow beekeepers offering experience


We are now accepting new memberships and renewals for the 2019-2020 term. Please download the form below and follow the instructions.

Membership Categories

Full member: Annual subscription provides the full range of benefits of membership—including membership of BBKA and YBKA. Entitled to vote at all meetings of same, insured for 3rd party liability. Receive newsletters from BBKA, YBKA and YDBKA (“Combings” is the in-house magazine, issued quarterly)

Partner member: Must live at same address as a Full member. Receives all of the benefits of Full membership except for “Combings”

Associate member: Category is for anyone under 18 years of age with same benefits as a Full member. Their insurance is via a nominated Parent or Guardian. Where the Parent or Guardian is a Full member a Junior should apply as a Social member.

Social member: Registered with YDBKA only. Entitled to vote at all meetings of YDBKA and receives “Combings”